Getting Out of the Habit of Getting into it

4 Feb

I can post everyday and really should. I have the time. Ava sleeps through now sometimes and so I can get a good nights rest even when I am awake until late.

I’ve always been a night owl ever since I was young so I don’t think it’s something I will grow out of I just need to learn how to live on less sleep. At the moment Ava does have a 2-3 hour nap time in the afternoon so I usually catch up on sleep when she does. We are down to one nap a day now.

Nothing much has been going on with us lately. I will let you all know when Ava starts crawling. But for now she is sliding backwards.

Anyway back to the title of the post.
It’s weird how my new years resolution to post more fizzled out just like my new years resolution to lose weight… and still trying to do both. I go through periods of time of doing both everyday and then something happens out of rhythm or sync and I lose my footing and stop posting.  So what makes a habit? Someone said it’s when you do something everyday for 18 days without fail. So can I do it? Can I post for 18 days straight and will that make my posting become a habit? I don’t know. We shall see.

I dare not step on the scales. I doubt I am any bigger than normal but I know I’m not any smaller. I think it is harder to lose weight for some people after pregnancy because your priority isn’t on yourself and so you are more likely to make an excuse not to do it. I know that’s what I do. At the moment my excuses are that it’s super super cold outside and the other excuse is that Ava needs me to watch her – when really if I took 15 mins out every day to exercise she probably wouldn’t even notice. I think I have figured out by now that I am just not an exercising type of person. I just can’t do it. If I went to a gym then maybe but when would I have the time to do that?

So my goals this week, because apparently according to my mum you should always start new goals on a Tuesday, are:

– post every day
– eat two/three fruit & veg
– exercise 15 mins a day

Day 1 is tomorrow haha wish me luck!